XPRO2 10” Amplifier 10 inch Xpro2 Amplifier Module

XPRO2 10” Amplifier 10 inch Xpro2 Amplifier Module

10" Xpro2 Amplifier Module

Model No: L35296
Output Power: 300W @ 8Ω
THD @ 1KHz & 1dB below clipping: 0.50%
Hum & Noise: 90dB
Slew Rate: 35V / uS
Damping Factor: 200
Input Connector: XLR Combo
Loop Thru Connector: XLR Male
Limit & Clip Indicator: Red LED
Power ON Indicator: Green LED
Treble / Bass: YES
Mic / Line Switch: YES
Output Voltage: 240V / 50Hz
Soft Start: YES
Dimensions (mm): 235 x 120
Weight (kg): 0.95

Professional Speaker Cabinets

The XPRO² Range comprises of 10", 12" & 15" top boxes along with our 15", 18" & 2x18" XPRO² subs. They can be used as a front of house PA, localised in-fill reinforcement and portable applications for bands, discos entertainers etc.

The most exciting feature of XPRO² is the upgrade path that takes a passive top box and converts it into an active speaker. This is a superb option for installers and retailers alike.

Industry Standard

Neutrik Speakon® sockets on the rear of the unit ensure compatibility with standard amplifier connections.


A: 235mm   B: 120mm


XPRO2 10” Amplifier


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